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What are the characteristics of kraft paper bowls

Disposable paper bowls are very common in our daily life. We will see it when we entertain guests or when we eat in restaurants. However, with the implementation of the national environmental protection and energy saving policy, paper bowls that are more environmentally friendly, that is, kraft paper bowls, have appeared on the market.

Kraft paper, of course, is not made of kraft leather, but it looks like cow skin in appearance, that is to say, the appearance of the paper bowl is brown. The reason for this color is that kraft paper uses wood pulp raw materials. When the raw material is shaped, it will show a special wood pulp texture, so it looks a bit like cowhide.

In addition to being like cowhide, kraft paper bowls are indeed a bit like cows. Generally speaking, kraft paper has a strong tensile force, and when it is used as a container, the container will not be deformed due to the large volume of the object. In addition to high pulling force, its main performance is environmental protection. Now the country's requirements for environmental protection and energy saving are getting higher and higher. Our milk tea straws have already stipulated the use of paper straws, so the appearance of kraft paper bowls also has its purpose. Due to the particularity of kraft paper raw materials, it is very easy to be degraded, and the degraded substances can also bring nutrition to the land. Therefore, kraft paper bowls have become one of the more popular environmentally friendly packaging materials at present.

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