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Are kraft paper bowls biodegradable?

Kraft paper bowls are now an important product for many merchants to package food. It uses kraft paper as a material. It has high strength and is usually yellowish brown. It has the characteristics of high tear resistance, breaking work and dynamic strength. But many people are concerned about environmental protection, so is the kraft paper bowl a degradable material?
1. There is no doubt that kraft paper is a degradable packaging material. It can even be said that there is no more environmentally friendly substitute than kraft paper among packaging raw materials. This is an important reason why all industries are switching to kraft paper for packaging. If you observe carefully, you will find that kraft paper can be seen everywhere around you.
2. Degradation is the basic characteristic of kraft paper. Among packaging materials, ordinary packaging paper is 100% degradable, but plastic is not, and it takes a hundred years for plastic to degrade naturally.
3. Plastic packaging has brought devastating harm to the earth, which is why today's global plastic ban occurs. In developed countries, plastic convenience bags have long been retired, and even supermarket shopping bags are made of paper.
4. In addition to degradability, special industries have higher requirements for kraft paper. For example, kraft paper used for food packaging (direct contact with food) has food-grade certification. In addition, the kraft paper industry has also been undergoing FSC certification in recent years.

It can be seen that the kraft paper bowl is very good in terms of practicality and environmental protection. It is not only affordable but also healthy, and it is a good choice for our consumers.

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